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Celibacy: Another Vatican Lie:

According to AP reporter Frances D'Emilio, Pope John Paul II delivered "a stern moral lecture" on Sept. 20, 1996 to Catholics assembled at St. Anne D'Auray, France. Vatican spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls stated that the doctrine of celibacy for priests, prohibiting them from marrying, would not be reconsidered by the Pope because "It's not a personal doctrine. It's a doctrine of the church that goes back to the first century."

Lies don't change history. Priests were first forbidden to marry by Gregory VII in the 11th century. Judging from the New Testament, at least some of the 12 Apostles were married and had children. Celibacy is not mentioned by Jesus; it is first mentioned by Paul, who was not even one of the 12 Apostles. Keep in mind that the Catholic Church is a heretical break-away from Orthodox Christianity, which allows its priests to marry.

Liberty Anathema to Pope

Most Americans are taught in school that our history of constitutional liberty began with the Magna Carta, which the English barons forced King John to sign in 1215. They seldom hear that the Pope, who considered himself overlord of England and King John, announced the Carta annulled and excommunicated all who upheld it. Archbishop Langdon and most English bishops opposed the Pope, joined with the barons, and defeated King John in battle at Runnymede.

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