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Trouble Ahead, Trouble Behind
December 29, 2023
by William P. Meyers

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Humans prove their stupidity in 2023

2023 was quite a bad year, unless you were a speculator in AI stocks or were planning to be part of the next Trump administration. 2024 is likely to be worse. Most of the world now realizes that we are well into the Slow Motion Apocalypse, but the elite, insulated by their money, are in denial and in power.

The warming of the globe accelerated in 2023, though that does not necessarily mean it will be an even acceleration going forward. It has become a truism that those who live closer to the equator are being starved and even killed by the Carbon Dioxide produced over the last two centuries by the industrial nations like the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Russia and the European Union. Yet China, India, Indonesia and the like are ramping up their own CO2 emissions, even as they suffer from those emitted before they became major emitters themselves.

Flooding and drought will continue, but vary from year to year in intensity and placement. The weather to watch out for is heat domes, and not just because homo sapiens can die from heat stress. The more serious problem with heat domes is that they can destroy crops on a large scale, especially when combined with drought. Which means famine can come any time, any where, with only a few months warning. Yet in our brilliantly governed U.S. democracy we have no significant food reserves. The 2023 crops were adequate, so we have food for 2024, but if crops are bad in 2024, we won't have enough food in 2025, unless it is imported from a more fortunate region.

I was born about ten years after the U.S. dropped atomic bombs on civilian populations in Japan. Then I was a teenager during the Vietnam War. Then I started looking for work, and not finding it, during the Stagflation. I have minimal expectations of my fellow human beings and of my nation. This 2023 I became even more cynical as I watched many friends who claim to be environmentalists flying overseas for sightseeing. Then there was the Inflation Reduction Act, sold as an environmental measure, but mainly a massive transfer of wealth from ordinary taxpayers to those who own the most profitable tech companies on earth.

In a few short weeks, despite my hatred for crazy Islamists like Hamas, the State of Israel has convinced me it should be dismantled. Ultra orthodox Jews need to be sent to deprogramming centers, just like ultra orthodox Muslims and ultra orthodox Christians.

Hello, 2024. Excuse me if I do not act welcoming and trusting towards you. My trust has been betrayed too many times. If you want me to believe you are not another criminal, con artist, or idiot, you will need to prove that.

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