The U.S. War Against Asia
by William P. Meyers

Note: This is a work in progress, and one I am not likely to finish (short of receiving a grant or an offer from a larger publisher) for some time. Everything posted here should be considered a draft. Many of the subject lines are not linked yet because I have not done the writing for them yet. I am posting my notes for the project so that this information is available on the Net without waiting for draft chapters to be written.


Prelude: The United States and Asia Before 1850

The U.S. Intrusion Upon Japan in the 1850's

Perry, Japan, and Hypocrisy
notes on Commodore Perry and the Opening of Japan

U.S. Relations with the Chinese Empire

Notes from The Chinese Their History and Culture by Kenneth Scott Latourette
China Notes from Memoirs by Harry S. Truman
China Notes from China, Japan, and the Powers
Manchuria, Manchukuo and Tibet: Puppets and Autonomy
Notes from The Challenge of Red China by Gunther Stein
Notes from East Asia, The Modern Transformation [includes Japan, Korea, & other East Asian]
Aside: Hong Kong History notes

The U.S. Conquest of Hawaii and Other Pacific Islands

The U.S. Conquest of the Philippines

God's Arbiters, Americans and the Philippines, 1898 - 1902, notes
Honor in the Dust by Gregg Jones, notes
General Henry Lawton

Resurgent Japan: Relations with the U.S. though World War I

Notes on Theodore Roosevelt re Hawaii, Japan, Manchuria, Korea and China

China, Japan and the U.S. 1914-1939 to Pearl Harbor

The U.S. Invasion of Asia in World War II

Vietnam and the West Until 1954

The U.S. Conquest of Korea

Korea Notes from Memoirs by Harry S. Truman

The Occupation of Japan

Japan Notes from Memoirs by Harry S. Truman
The Dutch East Indies, Racism, and World War II
Notes from Japan, China, and the Powers

Philippine independence, dependence, and the Hubalahap rebellion

American Caesar: notes on Douglas MacArthur


Expulsion from China, 1945 to 1950

Vietnam and the U.S Go to War, 1954 to 1968

China and the U.S., relations after 1950

Japanese Dependence and Independence

The Invasion of Cambodia and Laos

Expulsion from Vietnam

Interference in Iran, Indonesia, and Other Asian Nations

The Invasion of Afghanistan