Slow Motion Apocalypse

by William P. Meyers

I can't say exactly when I started using the term Slow Motion Apocalypse. Most people think the Apocalypse comes suddenly, as it does on video, perhaps with a disease or zombie attack or internet failure. But, like other old people, I have watched the natural world fall apart over decades. When that continued deterioration could cause civilization to collapse or at least contract severely is hard to predict. In any case, turns out I did not invent the term Slow Motion Apocalypse, as the music band Grotus used that as a title to an album. So I will include a link to the band links to other writings by myself and sources of information. Also, the term was used in a back cover promo blurb, in 2014, for the novel The Peripheral by William Gibson, but not, apparently, in the novel itself.

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Slow Motion Apocalypse (album) by Grotus

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