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Donald Trump, Mar-a-Lago, Slow Motion Apocalypse
August 14, 2022
by William P. Meyers

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The big media story this week was not the Ukraine-Russia War, the Inflation Reduction Act, or Extraterrestrial Lizard People extending their hold on Glendale and threatening to seize Beverly Hills. It was the FBI, armed with search warrants, actually searching Donald Trump's dacha known as Mar-a-Lago. Where they found that, indeed, he had stolen a variety of documents that should have been sent to national security agencies or the National Archives. Donald Trump called it a raid. The Left, including Joe Manchin, called it proof that the former President is a Con Artist, Thief, and Idiot who can't even properly run an organized crime syndicate.

As usual, this was all surface fluff, designed to distract the masses from what is really going on. Mar-a-Lago will soon be flooded. How soon is anyone's guess. Mar-a-Lago is in Palm Beach, Florida. Per Wikipedia, it is 7 feet or 2 meters above sea level. Officially. But sea level is rising, the rate of rise has been accelerating, and Trump knows (because Satan put him in charge of deceiving as many people as possible during the Slow Motion Apocalypse) the exact timing of the coming Wall of Water headed towards the Florida coast. That depends on the rate of sea level rise and when a big hurricane's arrival corresponds with an extra-high tide.

Trump is having his lawyers (the ones who are not defending him from the January 6th investigation, ex-girlfriends, unpaid contractors, and civil and criminal charges in New York City, Georgia, and Hell) prepare a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against Chevron and others for the destruction carbon emissions and global warming are causing to his properties. He is preparing to sue the Federal Government as well for failing to regulate carbon dioxide emissions. In a sense he is suing himself, for acts when he was President, but that does not matter because the liability would be paid by taxpayers, and he is not a taxpayer. While the FBI did cart away documents Trump hoped to sell to Putin and other foreign leaders, that was just cover to get an early glimpse at the big old Global Warming Swamped My Properties lawsuit.

To see what is coming down the pike, without the kind of inside info from Satan the Donald has, take a look at the Arctic and Antarctic See Ice graphs. The one to pay attention to is Antarctic, which has a far greater influence on sea levels than the Arctic does. You can see that 2022 is running below the record low year of 2017. Now the actual melt that raises ocean levels comes from the ice on the continent of Antarctica, not the sea ice around it. But if the sea ice is warm enough to melt, you can bet that the giant ice cap is softening and increasing its rate of sliding and melt water running into the ocean. Goodbye most of coastal Florida. Goodbye Manhattan. For that matter, goodbye Washington D.C., at least along the Potomac River, which is about at sea level.

Can the world be saved from the Slow Motion Apocalypse? Some hopes lie in the possible coming reform of the Southern Baptist Convention. The Feds are on to them, so maybe there won't be so many pregnant teenage Southern Baptist girls, and the secret Satanists hiding in the Church will be exposed, and God will step in and stop the Apocalypse.

Which would ruin Trump's plans to use his lawsuit winnings to cover over the losses generated by his business incompetence.

Satan or God? Based on past history, I would not want to bet on God. Certainly not on Jesus, who was taken out by a little bit of heavy labor, a couple of nails, and a spear.

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