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"Somehow they felt they were living in a moment when history pauses and takes stock and changes course."
— John Steinbeck, Sweet Thursday

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America: Republic or Democracy?

A Brief History of the Democratic Party

Wittgenstein, Determinism, and Fortune

The Asian War

Pius XII and the Cordell Hull Lacuna

Santa Clara Blues: Corporate Personhood v. Democracy

A Brief History of the Republican Party

Brief Biography of Andrew Jackson

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Schrodinger’s Cat Lady [August 29, 2016]

Egypt Going Under [August 20, 2016]
Rigged Systems [August 3, 2016]
Deferred Maintenance [July 20, 2016]
Violence: As Above, So Below [July 18, 2016]
Democratic Party Draft Platform Analysis 2016 [July 4, 2016]
19 in Nashville [June 28, 2016]
Political Science in Nashville, 1974 [June 30, 2016]
Would Socialism Prevent Global Warming? [June 18, 2016]
Was Hitler Molested? [June 16, 2016]
Parallel Lives: Hitler and Joshua [May 29, 2016]
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Bernie, Hillary, Donald and Adolf [May 14, 2016]
You Can't Optimize All Variables at Once: Human Diet and Health [May 12, 2016]
Thoughts on Capital for New Socialists [April 25, 2016]
Capital Intensification and Class in America [April 19, 2016]
My Chicken [April 17, 2016]
In Praise of William Tyndale [April 14, 2016]
How the Republicans Could Beat Bernie Sanders [April 9, 2016]
Summer of 1974: factories, computers, and politics [April 2, 2016]
Pearl Harbor, Bataan Death March, and Lying [March 30, 2016]
FDR, Socialism & Sanders [March 24, 2016]
Sell Puerto Rico [March 21, 2016]
Rock, Paper, Scissors [March 16, 2016]
On Hating President Obama [February 27, 2016]
$15 Minimum Wage Would Require Price Controls [February 19, 2016]
Good Riddance, Antonin Scalia [February 14, 2016]
Belgium Invades Germany, 1923 [February 7, 2016]
The Nazi Party Before Adolf Hitler [January 31, 2016]
Immigration Amnesty is Racist, Sexist, Classist, and Anti-environmental [January 24, 2016]
A Chicken in Every Pot, Hillary v. Bernie [January 21, 2016]
Billionaire Confiscation Scenario [January 19, 2016]
Jobs, White Men, and Angry Politicians [January 6, 2016]
A Confederacy of Art Haters [December 29, 2015]
Hillary's Vast Family Wealth [December 24, 2015]
Judge nations by per capital carbon [December 13, 2015]
Atheists: A Little Tolerance, Please [December 8, 2015]
Acclimatization, Air Conditioning, and Global Warming [December 5, 2015]
Goldwater, McGovern and Sanders [December 1, 2015]
Violence, Black and White, Rich and Poor [October 30, 2015]
Helicopter Gunship Parents, Evil, and All That [October 25, 2015]
Parable of the Drunk and Sober Drivers [October 11, 2015]
Pope Pius XI and Mussolini, Betrothed [September 24, 2015]
Denial, Weather, Food, and People [Sept. 12, 2015]
Harry Truman's Hell [Sept. 7, 2015]
Spirituality, Dualism, and Consciousness [August 21, 2015]
Robert Kennedy, Organized Crime, and Family Lies [August 17, 2015]
Overgeneralization [August 8, 2015]
Minimum Wage v. Global Warming [July 17, 2015]
Roman Catholic Roots of National Socialism [July 12, 2015]
Fascist Treason & Fall of France in World War II [July 7, 2015]
Islamic State and St. Bartholomew's Day [June 4, 2015]
Engineering Jesus [April 26, 2015]
Albert Einstein, Objective Reality, and Randomness [April 19, 2015]
Economics: Pure v. Mixed Systems [April 12, 2015]
Shabaab: Monsters, made by the U.S. [April 5, 2015]
Dining with Jesus: Advice on Diet [March 31, 2015]
Pharaoh, Hitler and Netanyahu [March 23, 2015]
Venezuela, Democracy and U.S. Arrogance [March 10, 2015]
Should War Criminals be Treated as POWs? [February 25, 2015]
Saud vs. ISIS Death Match [February 2, 2015]
Join the International Criminal Court [January 30, 2015]
Back to the Permian [January 25, 2015]
Fully Fund the United States Postal Service [January 23, 2015]
American Prosperity 3.0 [December 12, 2014]
The Great and Unnecessary Recession [November 26, 2014]
Exceptional American Polygamy [November 19, 2014]
Attention to Detail [November 14, 2014]
13 Billion Years of Death [October 7, 2014]
Woodrow Wilson, Eugene Debs, and Bashar Assad [September 22, 2014]
Modern, Orthodox, and Ultra-Orthodox People [September 16, 2014]
Cap and Trade Children [August 26, 2014]
States, Nations, Israel and Palestine [August 11, 2014]
Ethical Asymmetry [July 22, 2014]
Fortuna versus Fate [July 6, 2014]
The Double Coup of Fifty-Two [June 7, 2014]
Self-determination, Racism and Globalization [May 22, 2014]
Seeds, Saints and Sand [May 11, 2014]
The Bataan Death March and the Trail of Tears [April 2, 2014]
Why America Can't Afford Another Cold War [March 8, 2014]
Crimea, Ukraine, and Self-determination [March 3, 2014]
Putting the Holy in Holy Roman Empire [February 2, 2014]
Learning from Ho Chi Minh [December 15, 2013]
Cadiz, Pearl Harbor, and War Crimes [December 8, 2013]
Other People's Imperialism: Roosevelt, Hitler and Ho Chi Minh [December 2, 2013]
Adolf Hitler, Charlemagne, and the Holy Roman Reich [November 19, 2013]
The Acounting System [multiple posts]
Remember Estes Kefauver [June 6, 2013]
Late Stage Imperialism, Class, and the Environment [June 2, 2013]
Targeting Civilians [April 27, 2013]
War Crimes Organizations and Nuremberg Article 9 [April 7, 2013]
Wittgenstein, Determinism, and Fortune [January 16, 2013]
Were the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Bombings War Crimes? [December 16, 2012]
Pearl Harbor, China, and The Cable [December 6, 2012]
Gold, Black Friday 1869, and the Federal Reserve [March 17, 2012]
Vladimir Putin and the Atheist Holocaust [January 28, 2012]
Democracy with Imperialism: the British Empire [April 5, 2011]
Corporate Personhood, Islam, and the Philippines Occupation [September 29, 2010]
Pius XII and the Croatian Holocaust [June 28, 2010]
Eugenio Pacelli and the Enabling Act for Adolf Hitler [June 20, 2010]
The Atheist Holocaust [September 23, 2009]
Franz von Papen, Hitler, and Two Popes [August 31, 2009]
Pius XI and the Rise of General Franco

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IIIPublishing.com displays content on subjects like philosophy, religion, culture and politics. This site includes a mix of serious, carefully researched factual matter, fiction, satire, and opinion, just like the major news sources. We may even sometimes inadvertantly repeat the outright lies frequently made by governments, businesses, non-government organizations, sincere but deluded individuals, and corporate media sources. Hopefully some of you will find it humorous, enlightening, or helpful in some way.

This site is run by William P. Meyers, who published books as III Publishing from 1989 to 1999. You can find out more about the books or buy them by starting with the Books link above.

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