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The Amy Coney Barrett Bubble
September 26, 2020
by William P. Meyers

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Bubble, Bubble, Catholic Trouble

The Amy Coney Barrett Bubble is a fascinating place for those outside looking in. The daughter of an lawyer working for Shell Oil, how does Amy, who did extremely well in school, in college, and at Notre Dame Law School, know so little about the world, its history, and in particular the true history of her own religious cult? It takes a village, and the villagers all need to stay in the same bubble.

Amy was born in 1972. By then women were entering schools to train for formerly all-male professions in the United States, in large numbers, for the first time. The only profession denied to her ambition, growing up, was the Catholic Church priesthood.

Amy was the oldest of seven children of her Oil Company father. Apparently he and his wife did not get the word when The Population Bomb was published and Zero Population Growth (now Population Connection) was founded in 1968. Or got the word and did not give a shit about reality. Because after all, if you work for an oil company, destroying the earth is part of the program.

In fact, she never got the word, or she denied it. She went on to have 5 biological children of her own. She is a carbon dioxide and methane mechanism of explosive power. And she wants other women in America to be like her, denied access to abortion and contraception.

If she were on welfare with 5 children the Republicans would use her as an example of lack of self control. But since she is floating on Oil Company and Judiciary money, she is a Hero of White Reproduction.

If someone is not smart enough to understand the world is overpopulated, and that the very fact that she is a federal judge is the work of people who fought to free women from endless labor, how can she be smart enough to interpret the U.S. Constitution?

The Bubble wants what the Bubble wants.

Many Americans today have little or no knowledge of what the Roman Catholic Church stands for, whether according to its own theology, or by the facts of its history. Some people know it is traditionally against homosexuality (despite much of its hierarchy being homosexuals) and against women's rights. Its history has largely been obliterated both within and outside its bubble, in the United States. Because so many Catholics migrated here, particularly after the Civil War, and were organized to vote as a block (for Democrats, until about 1980), politicians, media and educators have been very reluctant to discuss the Church in a negative light. For instance, when we fought the two Catholic fascist dictators, Hitler and Mussolini, in World War II, the myth had to be created that they were atheists.

So I would not be surprised if Amy Coney Barrett does not know that Adolf Hitler was, like her, a lifelong Catholic. Like her, he was opposed to abortion (except for groups he saw as outside the boundaries of humanity). Amy Coney Barrett does not know that the papacy was not created by the command of Jesus, but was invented a couple of centuries later. Amy Coney Barrett cannot admit to the fact of global warming, because that would imply that having more than one child is not a good thing.

Amy Coney Barrett, to her credit, does not believe in the death penalty. I find that odd, and if it is Catholic, it is a recent change. The Catholic Church had no problem sentencing non-Catholics to horrible deaths from its earliest days until quite recently. It had no problem with sending Catholic armies to convert the world, killing those who resisted.

I do not see how Amy Coney Barrett can honestly take the oath of office for any judicial position, much less for the Supreme Court. She has made it clear that she believes her cult's religious beliefs trump everything else.

I do not see how she can be prevented from being appointed by President Trump and confirmed by the U. S. Senate. But I think if she rules even once against women's constitutional rights, she should be impeached.

For that matter, anyone on the Supreme Court who rules against women's constitutional rights should be impeached and replaced by someone who will uphold their oath of office.

I do not think that being nominally Catholic, or any other religion, in itself should disqualify a person from any office. I was raised Roman Catholic, I just took the time to look outside the bubble and learn the facts, and how to fairly judge right from wrong. I note, however, that Catholics are already overrepresented on the Supreme Court, compared to their presence in the general U.S. population.

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