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Democratic Party Primary Debate
November 21, 2019
by William P. Meyers

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The Stew Thickens

Most Americans did not watch the Democratic Presidential Primary Debate last night. But I did. It was better than I expected. But I feel you, if you have seen a couple of these debates already and wish something would narrow the field.

Clearly the field is down to three viable candidate: Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, and Amy Klobuchar. Others were on stage, but I won't distract you with their names unless it is necessary to describe the actions of the front-runners.

All three leading candidates are U.S. Senators, but all have strong resumes in addition to their work in that august body. But it should be noted that one of the minor white male candidates claimed he had the support of black democratic voters and politicians. Including the only black female Senator in U.S. history. The former one. Only one problem. There was a living black female Senator on stage, Kamala Harris. Where do they find these men, and why does anyone think a man could be qualified to be President any more?

Another y-chromosomed candidate, instead of looking his usual smug self, did manage to look embarrassed when the all-female host squad brought up his campaign's overstatement of black support, asking Kamala about it. Instead she alluded to news I had missed, that he had used a stock photo from Kenya to promote himself. Then she went on to make a point about how the economy is still rigged against women, and particularly black women.

Amy Klobuchar said something that the other pundits seem to have ignored but that struck me as exactly what I want in a Presidential candidate. She said she was not making lists of things to give to voters to buy their votes, when there is no way to give them the goodies once elected. It contrasted her with pie in the sky specialist Elizabeth Warren, who has promised all things to all people who are not billionaires. Paid for by billionaires, even it means selling the factories the billionaires own to the Chinese.

But Elizabeth Warren did show why she is the front runner. She was calm and collected. She explained her positions and looked a good five years younger than her actual age. Billionaires make good targets, and people at the bottom really do need a helping hand.

Of the three Kamala had the best night, but she irritated me with her style. She would make a strong point on an issue. That would make me think she would be the best President, and could crush billionaire-bad-boy Trump in the 2020 election. Then she would say something like, America needs this kind of candidate "and I believe I am that candidate." Like people could not think that? Like they all, even the ghosts-of-white-male-supremacy-past, don't think that? Let the voters and viewers think that. You don't have to say it, Kamala.

Kamala Harris

Well, if you did not have time to watch the debates yourself, you probably don't want me to go on and on about it.

My main point: there are only three viable candidates at this point. Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, and Elizabeth Warren. The Democratic National Committee, in all fairness, should limit future debates to these three top candidates.

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