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Sex, Evangelicals, and Population
November 5, 2019
by William P. Meyers

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Evangelicals like sex, but pretend it is just for procreation

Most people like sex, at least once in a while. A billion years of evolution has put procreation, and therefore sex, at the top of the list of human pleasures. It is a powerful urge that doesn't go away with scolding, threats of hellfire, the potential wraths of mates, or the possibility of jail time.

If sex is no longer needed for procreation, then the life of Evangelical Christians becomes grim. Or even grimmer.

Sex is no longer needed for procreation. The world's population is approaching 8 billion people. It's long term sustainable human population is probably about 1 billion. The system of nature that sustains us all is collapsing, meaning that, certainly before 2100 and probably by 2050, the human population will shrink just like we have seen the populations of insects, birds, amphibians, and mammals shrink. The exact timing and causes are hard to predict, though global warming is the main story right now.

Evangelicals only allow sex within marriage, for procreation. That line of doctrine goes back to the Apostle Paul, the original evangelist. So if procreation is no longer needed, they can't have sex, or not much of it. Of course in reality Evangelicals are as horny as the rest of us, so they have their affairs of passion. It's not new. Novel Prize winner John Steinbeck delighted in describing the real-world passions of evangelicals in The Grapes of Wrath, written in the 1930s.

Their reasoning works backwards from two premises: got to have sex, can't have sex without procreation. Therefore procreation must be good. Therefore the human population must be allowed to grow without limit. Therefore there cannot be global warming or ecological destruction. Therefore it is okay to drive to church in an SUV with a gang of kids praying to sweet Jesus in the back.

Well, today is election day, at least for local elections here in the state of Washington, and in some other states as well. I am pretty sure the outcome will again prove that "Democracy is the least bad form of government."

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