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WTF? What's Going On?
September 26, 2019
by William P. Meyers

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Stranger Things Indeed

So much going on, such a long list of things to write about, I am just going to mention some things and hope to fill in the details in later posts.

A couple of weeks ago I somehow hurt my knee. Not too bad, but it hurts if I walk for long. Walking for long is my favorite thing. But it was feeling better. Last Sunday I volunteered for a women in politics fundraiser. I got there an hour early and helped set up tables and chairs, helped move food around, listened to some great speeches by Representative Suzan DelBene, State Senator Manka Dhingra, and King County Council Member Jeanne Kohl-Welles, then took down chairs and tables and helped clean up. My knee seemed fine. But not when I went for a walk Monday. And still not today. But tomorrow is going to be a big day.

But first, Impeachment. Trump is like a big baby who takes dumps in the middle of rooms with precious documents like the Constitution for rugs. His aides know this is wrong, but instead of stopping him, they just try to clean up the shit as fast as they can, and hide it as well as they can. As a teen he behaved so badly his parents sent him to military school, but the discipline did not take. Now the world and nation are trying to put out all the arsons he has started, when there were already big issues needing addressing.

So tomorrow I am volunteering at a forum in Seattle on Gun Control, with Kamala Harris as the key speaker. Strangely, Kamala owns a handgun, because she has received so many threats for being a black elected official over the years. I believe Kamala is our best bet for President, but it is difficult to know how anyone will perform in office. I've never seen her in person, I'll report back soon.

Saturday I will spend the day at a disaster preparedness class. Be prepared, that's the boy scout's fighting song, is a favorite satirical song of mine.

I remember my first disaster preparedness: during the Cuban Missile Crisis. If the Cubans nuked my hometown, I was supposed to carry a box of food 20 miles to Saint Augustine. I could hardly lift the box. But the Cubans did not nuke anyone.

Speaking of surviving, I finished reading Voyage of the Beagle by Charles Darwin. Lots of interesting stuff in it. Species going extinct before his eyes. Thinking carefully about the meaning of geological formations. But what struck me was that he was a friendly guy and not a racist. He did see levels of culture, but he was convinced that any human of any ethnic group could learn a culture if exposed to it. He thought English culture was the top of the world, but then in that era it arguably was. Also, like Trump he was born rich, but for some reason it did not make him into an asshole. By the way, Charles Darwin never worked for pay. The trip in the Beagle was not just unpaid, but he had to reimburse the British Navy for his food and lodgings in the ship. His father paid for it all. Then he wrote it all up, for which he was paid next to nothing, but both he and his wife were heirs to two of the richest families in England. Glad he did not build hotels instead. Darwin was vehemently against slavery and spent several pages of the book ranting against it. Remember, by then England has abolished slavery, but the United States of America still had it.

So far we have not had much of a hurricane or wildfire season. Of course that does not help the poor people in the northern Bahamas, but it is a respite. There is still October to worry about, one of the typically worst months for both. Meanwhile, the Blob is back, killing sea life off the shores of Washington State. Soy bean demand continues to grow, so the rain forest of Brazil continues to be destroyed. There are about 10,000 homeless people in Seattle, one of the richest cities in the world, and the City Council and Mayor continue to sit on their hands and tell progressive voters what a great deal of progress has been made, which is a pile of horse shit. I'm supporting Ann Sattler for City Council because I think she might actually treat the situation as an emergency. My Church Lady friends are doing what they can, but their resources are limited. I wish atheists owned an old building that could be converted to temporary shelter.

I don't need to tell anyone to Eat, Drink, and be Merry.

For lovers of philosophy, I soon hope to finish an essay on why birds may be more conscious than humans.

And I really mean to get around to writing up how God Treats Babies in the Bible. Hint: he likes them dead.

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