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Religions of Fascist Dictators
June 27, 2018
by William P. Meyers

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Fascist dictators were mainly Roman Catholics

I added a table of the religions of fascist dictators to this site. I am reproducing it for this blog, but it has a permanent residence: Fascist Dictators with Religions Table.

Lots of my liberal to leftist friends have amplified their President Trump is a Fascist theme lately, and of course they are upset by recent Supreme Court rulings on the right of a religious person to refuse economic services, the right of someone who benefits from being in a labor union to not pay for those benefits, the right to gerrymander, etc. Plus the prospect of a new young ultra-right Supreme Court judge replacing Justice Kennedy.

Being right of center does not in itself make one a classic fascist. But most people, even leftists who think they are well educated, don't really know very much about classic fascist. To most people, a fascist is any government leader who does something you don't like. I think Trump and right-wing Republicans are quite distinguishable from Hitler and crew, at least so far.

So here is the table:

Fascist Leaders with Religious Affiliations
period of rule
Italy Benito Mussolini Roman Catholic 1922-1943
Germany Adolf Hitler Roman Catholic 1933-1945
Austria Engelbert Dollfuss Roman Catholic 1932-1934
Austria Kurt Schuschnigg Roman Catholic 1934-1938
Spain Francisco Franco Roman Catholic 1936-1975
Hungary Miklos Horthy Calvinist 1920-1944
France Philippe Petain Roman Catholic 1940-1944

Of course, it is possible to preserve the other elements of fascism and switch from Roman Catholic to another religion like evangelical Protestantism. However, that might be difficult because evangelicals don't believe in a top-down authoritarian church structure like Catholics do (or are supposed to).

Soon it will be a century since Benito Mussolini seized power, marking the beginning of an era. A lot has changed. We can learn from history, but we can also be misled by it.

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