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China Sea, American Aggression
January 11, 2017
by William P. Meyers

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America's Navy should not be allowed West of Hawaii

The nationalistic, jingoistic, irrational thinking of Americans is constantly reinforced by nonsense presented as sound logic by the American media. I am not just talking about Fox News. Today the following article appeared in the New York Times: In Defiant Move, China Sends Aircraft Carrier to Taiwan Strait.

Wow. China is not supposed to operate its navy in its own waters. But America is always justified operating its navy in any waters it chooses to operate it.

If you can't see why the Chinese and Russians, Iranians and Indonesians, Cubans and Somalis and just about everyone except the Poodle nations think America is unjust and arrogant, you must be an American. With a perverted sense of fairness from being fed all your life on the propaganda tit.

Fairness means the same rules apply to all. We claim to be a nation of laws, not of persons, but in international matters, only one "person" matters, American interests.

Taiwan is part of China. It first became part of China in 1683. When George Washington's grandfather was still living in a log cabin. When what we call America belonged to Indian tribes. Except the part (California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas) that belonged to Mexico. When Hawaii was undiscovered. When the Philippines, strangely, were run by Spain.

Peacefulness is just not traditional American. Killing people and grabbing their land, while pontificating about Jesus and the glories of civilized life, is traditional American.

Soon after grabbing Northern Mexico, America's leaders set their greedy eyes on Asia. I've been meaning to research it, but I believe American warships were unwelcome visitors to Chinese waters even before that. The U.S. was bullying the Chinese before 1853, because when Perry attacked Okinawa and then Tokyo in 1853 and 1854, some of the war ships he used were already stationed in China.

The U.S. military first invaded China in 1900. After that it was non-stop meddling in China's internal affairs. When our pet fascist general, Chiang Kai-Shek, managed to lose a civil war to the communists after World War II, we helped him set up a fascist dictatorship in Taiwan.

So I think what's fair is punishing the aggressor. Confining the aggressor to his own territory would be a good start. Although I don't think the U.S. should possess Hawaii, for now I am pragmatic enough to be okay with the U.S. Pacific Fleet retreating to there. But I don't think the world is safe if the U.S. Navy has any war ships more than a hundred or two hundred miles west of Hawaii.

Let Japanese, Vietnamese, Philippine, Korean and Chinese ships sail to where they will in international waters in the Western Pacific. They are residents. They would be wise to set up a Neighborhood Watch to keep the criminals of the U.S. Navy out.

Perhaps someday there will be peace in the world. I hope so. True, you never know who is going to start a war, but repeat offenders are the most suspect. I think if the U.S. wants to show it is no longer in the business of grabbing things and bossing people around, a good way to show it would be to stop carrying such a bloody Big Stick.

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