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1083 A.D.
October 25, 2016
by William P. Meyers

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Good olde Christian society

"A.D. 1083. This year arose the tumold at Glastonbury betwixt the Abbot Thurstan and his monks. It proceeded first from the abbot's want of wisdom, that he misgoverned his monks in many things. But the monks meant well to him, and told him that he should govern them rightly, and love them. Then they would be faithful and obedient to him.

The abbot, however, would hear nothing of this; but evil entreated them, and threatened them worse. The abbot went inot the chapter-house, and spoke against the monks, and attempted to mislead them. He sent in some layment, and they cam full-armed into the chapter-house upon the monks. Then were the mons very muhc afraid of them.

Wist not what they were to do, but they ranforward, and some ran into the church, and locked the doors after them. But [the armed men] followed them in, and resolved to drag them out, so that the dared not go out.

A rueful thing happened that day. The Frenchmen broke into the choir, and hurled their weapons toward the altar, where the monks were. Some of the knights went upon the uppoer floor and shot their arrows downward incessantly toward the sanctuary, so that on the crucifix that stood above the altar they stuck many arrows.

The wretched monks lay about the altar, and some crpt under, and earnestly caled upon God, imploring his mercy, since they could not obtain any from the hands of men.

[The soldiers] slew some of the monks to death, and wounded many therein; so that the blood came from the altar upon the steps, and from the steps on the floor. Three were slain to death, and eighteen wounded."

—The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

What can I say to top that? This was 17 years after the Normands (called Frenchmen here) conquered England.


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