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Is the Pope Gay?

Friday, December 28, 2011

Pope Benedict XVI's homosexual orientation, or gayness, can be disputed. On the whole we believe it is accurate to say: The Pope is Gay.

If Benedict thinks marriage (between a physical man and and a physical woman) is so wonderful, then why isn't he married? It is a long story.

Joseph Ratzinger, alias Benedict XVI, has likely been gay since childhood, from his days in Hitler Youth in Bavaria (the area of Germany where the Nazi Party was born) and in the German army fighting on the Western Front in World War II. He reportedly never had a girlfriend prior to enrolling in Saint Michael Seminary in 1945 at the age of 18. Nor is he known to be one of those Catholic priests who has had secret heterosexual relations.

It should be noted that Pope Benedict XVI is not known to be a practicing homosexual. Surrounded by gay men within the Church for most of his life, if would be possible to hide such practices, but we believe the Pope has suppressed his homosexual inclinations. His stronger inclination was the pursuit of power, which led to his rapid rise within the Church hierarchy.

Why is a gay Pope so anti-gay officially?

This is a very common phenomena both in the Catholic Church and in other religions and cultures with a bias against homosexuality. Gay men can get so used to hiding their sexual longings that they deny them and start hating men (or women) who follow their inclinations. This stems from a basic, primate feeling of unfairness in the world.

The Roman Catholic Church evolved out of the early Christian church during the years between 300 and 700 A.D. It simply inherited the bias against homosexuality from the early Christians and the general culture in Europe in that era. While women were denied the right to become priests in that era, many priests and even bishops were married. No statistics are available, but the practice seems to have been so common that unmarried priests were the minority.

In 390 A.D. the Council of Carthage suggested that married priests and bishops abstain from sexual intercourse with their wives.

In 1022, after the new millennium did not bring the physical return of Jesus Christ, Pope Benedict VIII declared that priests should not be married. Apparently the message took a while to take hold, as it was repeated with varying particulars by Popes and Councils over the next century. The final prohibition on marriage, and other heterosexual relationships, for priests was announced in 1139 by Pope Innocent II and the Second Lateran Council. The motive for this had to do with inheritances. When a priest had a wife and children, then often made claims on the property of the Church. If a child inherited the title of Bishop, then the Church could not sell it to the highest bidder.

Are all popes gay? No. It is well documented that many popes have had female mistresses, or even wives. This was certainly true of many bishops, priests, and even monks. People are capable of repressing heterosexual longings in the pursuit of power as well.

But with heterosexual behavior outlawed in the Church, naturally it began to attract even large numbers of homosexual men to its hierarchy than had been present in the first millennium.

Everyone, gay and straight priest, bishop, and Pope alike, had to preach that homosexuality was evil. Being driven crazy by suppressed sexual urges (which of course also happens with celibate heterosexuals), priests turned to all sorts of unusual sexual rituals and fetishes, including pederasty.

We believe that Benedict XVI is both victimizing the current generation of children being raised Catholic and is a victim himself. His father was a Nazi police officer. He saw his childhood hero, Adolf Hitler (who was Roman Catholic) destroyed. He then had to go into denial about his participation in Hitler Youth, as well as denial about his own sexuality. He was able to retreat into a fantasy world where ideas from the Dark Ages seem glorious because he spent his life surrounded by other members of the Catholic hierarchy.

Conclusion: Pope Benedict XVI is not a practicing gay homosexual, but has a life-long homosexual gay orientation which he suppresses.