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Pharaoh, Hitler and Netanyahu
March 8, 2015
by William P. Meyers

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Every year at Passover observant Jews retell the tale of Moses and the Pharaoh. The Jews wanted to be independent of the Egyptian ruler, and so Moses and Aaron said to the Pharaoh: "Let my people go."

A few days ago Benjamin Netanyahu, his party (Likud), and their allies won another election in the State of Israel. [First long digression: it is the State of Israel because when the U.S.-dominated United Nations tried to impose a plan of government on British Palestine (which actually would normally be part of Syria, but which had been grabbed by force from Turkey) they mandated a single nation with two states: a Jewish-majority state and a non-Jewish majority state.]

Most of the world supports a new two-state solution. The Jews (who are mainly European) will get to keep all the land they had occupied by force up until 1967, and the non-Jewish Palestinians will get to set up their own nation on the rumps of land called the West Bank and Gaza.

Why won't Netanyahu let the Palestinians go? Because he is the new Pharaoh. He is an evil, powerful, and narcissistic man whose real aim is to expel or exterminate all non-Jews living in Greater Israel (which of course includes the West Bank, Gaza and maybe much more).

Netanyahu does not respect the human rights or property rights of Palestinians. If he respected their property rights, he would have to turn over ownership of most of the land of Israel back to their prior Palestinian owners.

Worse still, Netanyahu is a little Adolf Hitler. He sees only military solutions to problems. He encourages hatred for people who are not in his ethnic group. He believes Jews are superior to the rest of us. Only the existence in Israel of a liberal Jewish political tradition, represented by electoral rivals, has prevented him from gaining absolute power and using it to exterminate non-Jewish Palestinians.

Barack Obama could wipe this little Hitler off the map with a single drone strike. He could crush Israel's racist regime by cutting off banking abilities, as he has done with so many other nations. But Barack Obama is a past master of saying one thing while doing another. Obama says he supports a two-state solution for Palestine. He says he supports human rights for Palestinians. But that is just hot air.

All Obama would have to do is announce he is recognizing the new State of Palestine. But he won't. He does not want to alienate the Zionist donors who have financed his "Democratic" Party for decades. Or southern Florida Jews that may swing that state's electoral college votes. But most of all, the U.S. ruling class benefits greatly from turmoil in the Middle East. It allows for military expenditures to be passed by both parties of Congress without any real opposition, and result in lucrative campaign contributions as well as suitcases full of cash.

For six years Barack Obama has argued with Benjamin Netanyahu without doing anything about him. Obama wants to maintain the appearance of being a human rights activist, without the pain of actually being one.

All people deserve the full menu of human rights. Barack Obama should recognize the Palestinian State. The United Nations should, if requested, send troops to ensure the safety of the new state, given Israel's formidable military machine, which includes illegal atomic weapons.

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