Dance, Hillary, Dance
February 11, 2007
by William P. Meyers

Dance, Hillary, Dance.

Tell the Democratic Party loyalists how you can be for the war in Iraq and against the war in Iraq at the same time. Big Brother would welcome you as the new Big Sister. Tell them how you are a Woman of Peace but would run the war better than any rich old white male. Tell them you wouldn't have voted for the war in Iraq if only you had been able to tell that President George W. Bush was lying. [The new Democratic Party plank is that W. may not be smart, but he is a pretty darned good liar!]

It seems to me that the Coalition of the Winning, basically the USA, France, Britain and Russia, declared at the end of World War II that invading someone else's country is a War Crime. Seems to me they hung a few German leaders and camp full of Japanese leaders for those crimes. Maybe it was a tad hypocritical. All four nations had invaded other nations whenever they felt like it up until then. But maybe it could have served as a precedent. Invade another nation, get hung. Make that true and the world might have turned into a more peaceful place.

The United States has invaded a bunch of nations (that have not invaded it) since World War II. We have unconvicted war criminals oozing out everywhere. I am going to pick on Hillary Clinton because the Senator from Wall Street is running for President and has a good shot at it. And because local self-styled progressives, for that matter "progressive" Democrats all over the bloody United States, don't care that she is a War Criminal. Even if they prefer some other candidate.

The rules laid out by the Nuremberg Tribunal were pretty clear: invade a country, no matter what the pretext, and you have committed a War Crime. An Act of Aggression. You probably don't recall (because no one wants you to) that Nazi Germany had an excuse to invade Poland. Recall (if you can) that Poland was not a democracy. It was a fascist state that persecuted Jews. It was also a new state that had been created out of nothing at the end of World War I in order to weaken Germany and Communist Russia. Hitler claimed that Poland invaded Germany; Poland and its allies claimed that Germany faked the Polish invasion. The newspapers at the time reported Hitler's claims that Poland had provoked the war. I think Hitler faked the incident, just like the U.S. has faked so many incidents that it used for pretexts for war, notably the U.S. Invasion of Mexico and the Gulf of Tonkin incident in Vietnam.

The Nuremberg Tribunal said it doesn't matter, you guys are going to hang until dead. And they did.

Hillary Clinton voted to invade Iraq. She voted to commit a war crime. She was a powerful leader of the Democratic Party who could have not voted for the war; who could have asked other Democrats in Congress to vote against the war; who could have asked people to rise up and overthrow George W. Bush's war criminal government.

Think it through here. Her excuse for voting for the war was that Bush fooled her into believing that Iraq was developing nuclear weapons and had some contacts with "terrorists." But if you look at Nuremberg, those are not excuses for invading a country. It is a war crime to move from a basically peaceful situation to invading another country.

She knew the law and chose to ignore it. Apparently she feels that willingness to break international laws and kill innocent people is a prerequisite to being President of the United States. Sadly, she may be right.

Take note of the recent U.S sanctioned hanging of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, allegedly for crimes against humanity. Twice in recent history President Hussein gave orders to his armies to invade other countries. He gave orders to invade Iran. But that was with U.S. blessing, arms, and money, so it would have been bad propaganda to try him on that one. The other invasion was of Kuwait, but Kuwait was a dictatorship and there are some very real claims that it was not an invasion of a real nation, but a taking back by Baghdad of oil-bearing lands that were ripped off by the British. A trial might bring out unsavory information. So they went after him for crimes against humanity. But that was a fraudulent pile, for sure. Any U.S. President would have done the same sorts of things in the case of a rebellion. Abe Lincoln killed about 600,000 citizens of the Confederate States of America. Was that a war crime, or a glorious campaign to end slavery, or maybe both?

Power hungry Bushes and Clintons will always be part of the population in every nation. It is the duty of the citizens of every nation to select leaders who will not engage in war crimes and crimes against humanity. Any political party that has ever chosen the path of war crime or crimes against humanity should be abolished, just like the German National Socialist Party was abolished. That includes both the Democrats and the Republicans.

If you are registered in either of those two parties, or vote for politicians of those two parties, you are condoning war crimes. There is no middle ground here. If you want to be counted among the innocent, leave those parties. If enough Americans ever leave those parties, criminals like George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton can be brought to trial for their crimes.

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